Character Valentines

Dearest Readers,

The events in The Way Back to You begin shortly after February 14th. But it’s the first Valentine’s Day since the death of Ashlyn, best friend and girlfriend of our narrators, Cloudy and Kyle. So we thought it would be more fun to share something from the previous Valentine’s Day—something from when Ashlyn was still alive.

What we have here are a note Cloudy and her (then) ­boyfriend Matty were passing back and forth during class, the eCard Ashlyn created for Kyle, and the eCard Kyle sent to Ashlyn in response. We hope you’ll enjoy! (And for more context, of course, we’ll love it if you check out The Way Back to You coming May 3, 2016!)


Michelle & Mindi

P.S. You can click on each image below to enlarge it. ♥

C&M-Valentine (1)

Valentine for Kyle (1)

Ashlyn Rose This picture reminded me of you for some reason. He just needs some mittens. I'm looking forward to hanging out. I'll pick you and those Junior Mints up at 5.Love Kyle (1)

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