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Here’s a bit about us, in case you’re new around these parts: “Michelle Andreani and Mindi Scott are novelists from opposite coasts who met through an online Young Adult Writing class. For years, they critiqued each other’s manuscripts, and then they wrote an entire book together—all while exchanging thousands and thousands (oh, and thousands) of emails, texts, and Tweets. Michelle lives in New York City, and The Way Back to You is her first novel. Mindi lives near Seattle, Washington, and her books are Freefall, Live Through This, Violent Ends, and The Way Back to You.”  

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We are also featuring a YOU ARE HERE photo by author Kim Culberton, and we’re hosting a giveaway for an ARC of our novel coming out from HarperCollins on May 3, 2016, THE WAY BACK TO YOU! So please take a look, read the stuff, and enter our giveaway.

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Photo credit: Kim Culbertson
Place: Squaw Valley, CA

I took this photo at the top of the Emigrant chair lift at the Squaw Valley ski resort in Northern California. It’s of my daughter taking a break between runs to look out at the view. I love this picture and I chose it because its vibe is the heart of my YA novel The Possibility of Now. I need moments like these to encourage me to “stop and smell the alpenglow” as we say in my family. I’m a forward motion sort of girl. I drive yoga teachers crazy with my fidgeting. So taking time to notice the small moments each day doesn’t come naturally to me. I keep photos like this one around my house to remind me to practice doing it.”

authorpicAbout the Author:
KIM CULBERTSON is the award-winning author of the YA novels Songs for a Teenage Nomad (Sourcebooks 2010), Instructions for a Broken Heart (Sourcebooks 2011), Catch a Falling Star (Scholastic 2014) and The Possibility of Now (Scholastic 2016). Much of her inspiration for her novels comes from the work she’s done as a high school teacher for the last eighteen years. In 2012, Kim wrote her eBook novella The Liberation of Max McTrue for her students, who, over the years, have taught her far more than she has taught them. Kim is currently at work on her fifth YA novel (Scholastic 2017) and lives in Nevada City with her husband and daughter.

24647866About The Possibility of Now:
Mara James has always been a perfectionist with a plan. But despite years of overachieving at her elite school, Mara didn’t plan on having a total meltdown during her calculus exam. Like a rip-up-the-test-and-walk-out kind of meltdown. And she didn’t plan on a video of it going viral. And she definitely didn’t plan on never wanting to show her face again.

Mara knows she should go back, but suddenly she doesn’t know why she’s been overachieving all these years. Impulsively, she tells her mom she wants to go live with her estranged dad in Tahoe. Maybe in a place like Tahoe, where people go to get away from everyday life, and with a dad like Trick McHale, a ski bum avoiding the real world, Mara can figure things out.

Only Tahoe is nothing like she thought. There are awesome new friends and hot boys and a chance to finally get to know Trick, but there is also still massive amounts of schoolwork. Can Mara stopping planning long enough to see the life that’s happening right now?


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