Kyle Snippet #1: Meet Kyle


If you’re reading this blog, your probably know that Michelle and I are writing a YA novel together. (Yeah?) She’s writing the scenes that are from the girl’s perspective (Cloudy) and I’m writing those from the boy’s (Kyle).

So, this is an introduction to my character, which should give you some insight into why “Poor Kyle!” is one of Michelle’s and my catchphrases. 😉


After steering into a space near the entrance, I slam my SUV into park, cut the engine, hop out, and hurry up the sidewalk. The pavement and the church throw echoes back and forth at each other with every step I take.
I climb the short staircase—two at a time. At the top, the foyer is completely dark behind glass double doors, but there’s a set of keys dangling in the lock. I give a yank and the door swings outward. Aiming a fist bump toward the sky (hallelujah?), I rush inside.
Coming here was a desperate move and I know it. It’s just that 1) my dad is in Brazil for a six-week do-gooder vacation and 2) today would have been my one-year anniversary with my dead girlfriend, Ashlyn.
As it turns out, 1 + 2 = me kind of losing it again.
Kind of a lot losing it, actually.

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