Kyle Snippet #2


“All right,” I tell the scrawny, black cat that’s been living in my bathroom for the past twenty-four hours. “I really do have to go. Right. Now.”
I get up off the tiled floor, leaving her lying on the Panda Pillow Pet that I bought at Target an hour ago. It was an idea that I stole from Matty. He got his cat a puppy-shaped pillow to sleep on, which is his big statement about what a badass he thinks Hercules is. (“Dude, he sleeps on top of a dog!”)
As I’m reaching for the door knob, I hear a low, “Mrowrrrr” from the black cat.
She has a deep, growly voice, like she’s a two-pack-a-day smoker. The sound of that strange meow is all it takes for me to crouch down again and go back to petting her.
I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, keeping her locked up with the litter box. I don’t know if I should have brought her home at all.


Oh, and that Matty! How did he manage to come up with such a clever puppy-pillow idea? 😉




2 thoughts on “Kyle Snippet #2

  1. Michelle Andreani says:

    That Matty line never doesn’t crack me up! And oh my goodness! All the kitties are cute, OBVIOUSLY, but the last one looks like mine! Do you know what kind s/he is?

    • Mindi Scott says:

      Oh, Matty! Ha ha.

      We call Niña a “Fluffy Melon” cat because of the watermelon markings on her back. Honestly, we have no idea what kind of cat she is, though. The gray and white one in the top picture is her mom and the second gray one is her brother. She obviously takes after her absentee dad with all that long hair!

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