Very Superstitious (aka The 1st Book I Read This Year Will Dictate Everything)

by Michelle Andreani

So, I used to have this ritual: my first read of  a fresh year had to be a book I loved. The first published words I read in January had to be magic. And I know that’s kind of flashing my OCD membership card, but what better way to start a new year than with some good reading mojo?

To ensure true book love on January 1st, the book I read had to be one I’d already fallen in love with. I mean, new books were too unpredictable! What if I hated this new book? Or worse. What if it was a meh-fest and I didn’t even care enough to hate it? Are you kidding me? MY YEAR WOULD BE RUINED.

But this year, something happened.

My library books were reaching their due date.

I was itching for something different.

And so, my first book of 2013 was brand new.

A risk!

. . .

Fine, it was a Melina Marchetta book. Not really a risk, admittedly, because it’s a statistical impossibility to read a bad Melina Marchetta book since “a bad Melina Marchetta book” is like, not even a thing. It was a (maybe strategized) cheat, for sure, to choose this one from the pile, but it totally counts as a new read (and you can’t take that away from me!). The book was Looking for Alibrandi. And I did love it. It made me laugh and tear up and most definitely swirled up some good reading juju for 2013.

So, yep, I broke my old ritual (have mercy). I didn’t start this year with the security of words I already know and love, but with shiny, exciting new words that I never saw coming. And that’s not a bad way to start fresh. 🙂

Now, tell me! What was your first read of 2013?

8 thoughts on “Very Superstitious (aka The 1st Book I Read This Year Will Dictate Everything)

    • Michelle Andreani says:

      So, it was your last book of one year AND your first book of another?? You went rogue! 😉 I really want to read The Mockingbirds, too. I’ve heard such great things!

  1. YA Book Queen says:

    You can never go wrong with a Melina Marchetta novel, her writing is wonderful!

    My first book of 2013 was JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman, and I loved it. Definitely a great way to start of the year 🙂

    • Michelle Andreani says:

      Ohhh, that sounds like the perfect book to start the year! I cannot wait to read it. I’m a little afraid I’ll want to travel like crazy once I finish it, but I’m so looking forward to it! 🙂

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