Author Photos!

by mindi scott

Before Michelle came to Washington to visit me this summer, we got  a few price quotes from local photographers, and then set  an appointment to get photos of us together for  The Way Back to You‘s marketing needs.

We quickly learned that as stressful as it was to select a photographer, that had been the easiest part.

Because what in the world were we going to wear?????

We each spent countless hours online, looking for outfits and reading reviews. We wanted our clothes to coordinate, but not necessarily look like we’d coordinated on purpose. You know how it is.

We communicated with a ModCloth stylist. We set up a secret Pinterest with tons of options. We made collages of our favorite dresses positioned side by side. We ordered items. We returned items. IT WAS A PROCESS.

Here are a few selected-at-random shots of us taken by the lovely Brandy Stockwell while we’re wearing our carefully-selected dresses (and cloud necklaces!) from ModCloth. (In case you wondered, our photo shoot was at Flaming Geyser State Park. Also? Anytime Michelle looks taller than me, it’s an illusion! Haha.)
MnM Author Shoot-2447MnM Author Shoot-2469 MnM Author Shoot-2435MnM Author Shoot-2420MnM Author Shoot-2413MnM Author Shoot--2MnM Author Shoot-2423

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