We Picked Up the Phone!

by mindi scott

In 2012, Michelle wrote on this blog about how she and I communicate together regarding our joint writing projects. (Summary: We use G-chat, email, and texts non-stop.)

The method we’d never used? THE TELEPHONE.

And, in fact, the only times Michelle and I had spoken on the phone together at all ever were during conference calls with our agent and/or editor.

On December 4, 2015, everything changed.

Yes, on that day, Michelle and I opted to discuss with our voices all the final edits we’d each decided  in advance would need to to submitted back to our publisher from the Proofread First Pass Galleys. IMG_5365

After combined total of about five hours on our headsets, one accidental hangup, and one dead battery, we got it all done!

It wasn’t terrible; it was fun, actually. We learned that we each pronounce the name “Devynne,” (a minor character from The Way Back to You) differently, which we’d never have learned from textual communication. I don’t know about Michelle, but I might be up for Conducting Writing Business by Phone again one day. Maybe.  😉

2 thoughts on “We Picked Up the Phone!

  1. Mindi Scott says:

    I think I was down to 30-something percent by the end, so we were both in trouble. Our phones aren’t accustomed to being used for that purpose for such a length these days. 🙂

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